We are Theogony

Our goal is to change the world around us with External Business Consulting.

What we do

What Sets us Apart

Whether you are looking to start a new business, expand your customer base, raise funds for a charitable cause, improve the inner workings of your company or enhance your social media profile, Theogony Development Consulting offers all the services to help your business achieve your goals. Our extensive list of services includes investment-funding, digital media, startup consultant, business analysis, social media, design thinking consulting, government consulting, partnership, and SEO among other areas of expertise.

We are PHD’s, Business Consultants in Management, Strategy, Marketing, Organizational Design, Human Resource Management, Business Development, Creativity and Innovation. We are skilled professionals in Design Thinking. We are Backend/ Frontend Developers and Designers. We are Translators and Project Managers. We are working for a Cross-Functional future of success.

What we do

Consulting We Do Best

Business Flow

Recognize and recommend potential changes that will increase efficiency based on information gained from internal consulting and interviews.


Assess your relationships with your company's team and develop a plan for improved communication and collaboration.


Formulate and create short or long business plans Strategize a long-term vision for the company and create a road map to reach the desired outcomes.

Sales Representation

Develop authentic, key marketing messages and campaigns that align with your company's efforts.

Website Creation

Manage the production and creation of your company's website and design.

Web Representation

Define your social media position and create your company's online "identity" then provide you with the tools necessary to maintain and analyze your social media image.


We enjoy being challenged, so challenge us. Let’s grow together and create a better future.

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